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Pro Canvas Varnish

400ml - 3 Finishes


Fast drying varnish and available in different finishes for the protection of oil and acrylic paints.

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Pro Canvas Varnish - PRO Canvas Varnish Glossy400ml$11.49

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Pro Canvas Varnish - PRO Canvas Varnish Matt 400ml$11.49

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Pro Canvas Varnish - PRO Canvas Varnish Satin 400ml$11.49

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MTN PRO Canvas Varnish is a product designed as a final coat to protect oil and acrylic paints against humidity, grease, UV rays, dust, contamination and contact, allowing the work to maintain its properties without yellowing or cracking. Very fast drying through evaporation.
Available in different finishes: glossy, matte and satin.
For varnishing oil paints, allow for complete drying before using the product.

Good hardening
Resistance to UV light
Good durability
Easy to apply and repaint
Good leveling
Good elasticity


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