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Solid Combo 441


Japanese raw material, designed and assemled one by one in Europe.
– High quality pigment, permanent and opaque.
– Can write almost everywhere.
– Dries in 5-7 min.

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Solid Combo 441 - FUNKY - 4 color combination yellow, purple, red & orange.$14.50

In stock

Solid Combo 441 - MALAJE - 4 cut combination, black & purple.$14.50

In stock

Solid Combo 441 - BABY - 4 color combination yellow, green, blue & white.$14.50

In stock

Solid Combo 441 - SWIZ - 4 cut combination, red & white.$14.50

In stock

Solid Combo 441 - MOGUL - 4 color combination red, blue, orange & purple.$14.50

In stock

Solid Combo 441 - JALIO - 4 cut combination, green & blue.$14.50

In stock


Solidified paint markers made from Japanese raw material, assembled by hand in Europe. With high quality pigment that is both permanent and opaque, Solid Combo® Markers can withstand extreme temperatures and almost any surface. Featuring a combination of colours in one marker for a unique look to make your mark with.


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